State: Washington
City: Roy
Zip code: 98580
Type: Pets

He is a great farm dog. lets you know there is a problem. He is fine with younger kids around him, but it would be better if they were older than 3 years old. He is fine with certain dogs but rather have him be the only dog cause he does start fights with certain dogs for no reason. So i rather him be the only dog. He also does get hot spots here and there. I have to let him go cause of the fights he starts with my other dog. cant have my children around that. Again he is a great dog if its just him in the house, loves car rides. his hair does take a good amount of brushing. if you interested in him please email me? he has to go. he is 7 years old. I have been told that his siblings are a little worse than he is. He is a great dog and this is gonna be hard for me, so don't be surprise if you choose to adopt him and im crying and saying my goodbyes as im handing him over. so please tell me a bit about your self and living situation.